Big things have small beginnings...

We are The Skies Above Us, a four-piece alternative rock band from Cleveland, Ohio. Each of us has been influenced by music one way or another, whether that be through our parents or our inner voices telling us to pick up that instrument for the first time. Our mission is to spread our colors through the music industry with original works providing brand new sounds for weary ears. Let's be real... The world doesn't need another cover band. The world needs more originality. We play what we like to call 'festival music' which is easy-listening music for all to enjoy. You ever hear death metal? Though it takes talent to pull off, we don't play death metal. How about country? Again, country is fun but that's not our style. Our music derives from influences of Kings of Leon, Angels and Airwaves, U2, The Killers, Young the Giant, Turnover, Day Wave, Hippo Campus and many more. So, if you're the kind of listener who craves originality, loves easy-listening music, appreciates experimental sounds, and dives into lyrics that make you think past the surface, then we're your band. Support us by following our social media, leaving feedback, purchasing merch, and listening to our original sounds, and together we can make something big happen. We can't do it without you, so we promise to keep producing heartfelt, passionate, and exciting music in return for your undying support. Let's do something big together.

-The Guys from TSAU

Henry Patricy

Lead Singer, Guitar

Henry is one of the original founders of TSAU along with Zach. He grew up in Perry, Ohio, a small town on the East side of Cleveland. Henry has always played music, teaching himself everything he knows about playing, performing, and writing with the help of great influences. Henry gets his vocal influence from Sameer Gadhia, John Mayer, and Caleb Followill. His guitar influence comes from John Mayer, Mike Einziger, and Tom Delonge.


"Turn your dreams into goals, and your goals into reality."

Alex Opatrny

Lead Guitar

Alex grew up in the small town, Perry OH with Henry, where they found an instant musical connection after jamming in his parents' basement through high school. Alex has been playing guitar since he was 9 years old, learning valuable techniques from his father, but focusing on teaching himself his own methods. Alex's ability to construct beautiful chord progressions comes from his undying passion for music, and through studying the greats throughout history. Alex's guitar influence comes from John Mayer, Justin Bieber, and Creed.

Zach "The Vape" Tomsick


Zach is one of the original founders of TSAU. Growing up in a musical household with a music teacher for a mother and a classically trained pianist for a father, Zach has always been influenced by the sounds around his home. With intricacy in mind and some veteran tricks up his sleeve, Zach never fails to deliver exciting momentum with his kit. Zach finds most of his influence coming from the percussion section of any high school band ever, and Pantera. Zach-a-play-a-da-drum

Mike "Tuna" Parker

Bass, Backup Vocals

Mike is the most recent member added to the band, and has since delivered some of the best lines to the table. His bass lines are good, too. He has been playing music since he was young, and has always been passionate about the creative side of life. With a mixture of funk and classic rock, Mike's bass playing has proven itself to be a unique addition to the group's songs. His main influences come from Tiny Tim, Lil Uzi, vegetables and beer. He does not eat Tuna, making his nickname quite ironic. Amiright??? Lmfao.